shadow design

A Mondrian Themed Event for Maximum Impact and Fun

October 20th, 2015 by Steven Shadowitz

Calling Westmount home, interior designer Steven Shadowitz is known for his unique and detailed work, not to mention his ability to meld modern trends with timeless classics. Most recently he and his design firm, Shadow Designs, put together an elaborate celebration for a young client, making sure to represent the youth according to his interests and ambitions—from drink coupons designed like hockey tickets to a pilot theme dotted with Mondrian accents, the firm made sure that the event was truly representative of the guest of honour.

The event, a Bar Mitzvah, demonstrated the firm’s incredible versatility. Welcoming well over 300 people, the celebration was almost entirely managed by the Canadian firm. Confirming the RSVPs online, the firm also handled housing accommodations for the many guests, working closely with the esteemed Ritz-Carlton Hotel (located in the heart of Montreal). An old world airline glamour (the guest of honour has set his sights on being a pilot) streamlined the event’s design—from the 1960’s style bar to the Mondrian theme coursing throughout the evening. The event’s artwork, inspired largely by Netherlands-based De Stijl art, was present in everything from the numerous light boxes to the outfits of the performers—accentuating the entire event with a touch of modernism. The lighting was more than intricate, with the firm even going so far as to set up a screening room to celebrate the memories of the honoured guest.